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Alex Stanier has been a member of BNI since Dec 2000. Chapter President (known back then as Chapter Director) in 2001-2002 and 2003-2004, he is currently holding reins again at BNI Hammersmith in London.

The following software, tips or ideas are NOT officially endorsed nor recommended by BNI UK, or BNI globally, but we hope everyone finds the tools useful.

Inviting Visitors

Do you find it difficult to invite visitors to your chapter meeting? This video explains how it is possible to use LinkedIn to find visitors who are happy to come along to a BNI meeting.

Using a Count-Down Timer for Visitors

Managing the timing of the BNI member presentations is a challenge and that is when each members has an on-screen timer specially set up.

But when you have more than a few visitors, it is really helpful to have a visual timer to show visitors how long they have left during their presentation.

This PowerPoint file contains a 30 second, 40 second and 50 second count down bar.

Download at your own risk.

Click here to download a PowerPoint PPTX file

Switching things around

After a few weeks, the same old member presentation order gets too comfortable, members know when they “are on” and then they switch off. It helps to change things around. This video gives a number of strategies for a Chapter President to try out.