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However large your business is, and whatever your IT support needs are, we have a package to suit your needs.
We’ll deliver the services and systems that ensure your business operates smoothly – and give you peace of mind that you are safe from cyber-attacks.

Our principal services are as follows

Expert eyes watching your computer

This is like having an extra, expert pair of eyes watching over all of your tech. It includes an anti-virus software licence, a weekly file clean-up, full software patching service and hard-disk health monitoring.

IT Helpdesk 9 to 5

All the above monitoring, plus IT technicians on call who typically respond within a minute.

IT Helpdesk 24/7

For entrepreneurs and night workers, a package that includes all the above support whenever you might need it.

Virtual IT Director Service

A part-time IT director who helps your management team to plan, direct and organise the IT services they need. We provide expertise and experience in managing IT issues within a business. This is typically one day per month but can be more; the initial consultation is complimentary.

IT Project Services

Management of an individual project with any size of server room. This enables the creation of a team with the right technical abilities.

Security Awareness Training:

Sessions for up to 10 team members who will become more prepared to identify and deal with cyber security threats.

PC Snapshot Protection

Regular snapshot images are taken of the PC. This ensures constant monitoring to identify suspicious behaviour on a PC that can indicate a virus attack designed to encrypt your files. Our Security Operations Centre staff can isolate the PC from the network, clean it and roll back to before the encryption process started.

Other Services

Desktop rollout

Server upgrades

Network upgrades

We recognise that people issues are just as important as IT support challenges. IT 4 Business can also offer management consultancy advice.
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